United Food Essay

United Cereal: Lora Brill's Eurobrand Challenge


Healthy Berry Crunch – fresh breakfast food

French Subsidiary-> Launch

United Cereal: Breakfast Cereal Master:

2010: 75 BDay

Originially: packaged broken wheat, rolled wheats, malt flakes Diversified: snack foods, record products, refreshments, beverages, iced foods, and baked goods. Business= 9 Billion dollars (cereal =1/3 x on the lookout for = a few billion.

UC's Corporate Beliefs, Policies, Methods.:

Commitment, Homework, Loyalty

The UC Method – procedures & Practices

Listen to absolutely free themes

Spot the Trend, Make the Market

Honoring the past, while taking on the future


R& D- more goods & patents than some other competitor

" Brand Management” System

allowing brand managers management of cross functional clubs reduced assortment communication, solid vertical connection

The Breakfast Cereal Marketplace

Cereal Industry- $21billion (2009)

U. S:

30 companies = combined total annual revenues $12 Billion

5 companies = 80% of Sales ( Monopoly? )



Ready to consume = 90% of sales in ALL OF US & EU

Competitive. Much Advertising

Promoting = > 10% profits.

Company Size = positive aspects in getting, distribution, marketing. New product intro= expensice.

Brand extension- cheaper.

UC's European Operations

Entered Western european market in 1952 ( by aqusition)

Became 20%of its revenue ( 2009)

EU. Sector & Competitive Strategy

2010 = $7Billion market

Consumption amt. various greatly according to culture

Syndication channels also varied significantly

Supermarkets, hypermarkets – many of these of sales in Germany. 37% in France. 17%- Italy. Competitors:

1st. Kelloggs = 26%.

Employed vol. to diminish costs

Establish & keep shelf space

2nd= UC = 20%share

3rd sama dengan JV (Nestle + GM) = Food Partners = 17%.

Manufacturer ex: Cheerios, Shredded Whole wheat

Leverage Nestle's tech competence & Western relations to compete. 4th = Weetabix = seven percent

relied upon strong personalisation & special offers

hold niche area positions

targeted price special offers



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