Jeffery Dahmer Presentation Essay

Jeffrey Lionel


Fabiola Aguinaga

Clarissa Guzman

Forensic Science

Miss Veronica Ibarra


Jeffrey Dahmer was developed in Milwaukee on

Might 21, 1960. He wiped out his initial murder

victim, Steven Hicks, with a strike to the

brain in 1978. Dahmer killed seventeen men,

molesting some of them, among 1978 to

1991. Once caught, having been sentenced to fifteen

consecutive lifestyle terms in 1992. Upon

November twenty-eight, 1994, Dahmer was murdered

by guy prisoner Captain christopher Scarver.

How come were they will important

towards the development

of forensic science?

• Jeffrey Dahmer is related to

the subject of forensic science

in this science you observe that

the crimes will be related,

evidence, crime scenes and

the kind of scientic method.

Clearly Dahmer develops very much

with this kind of science for the

crimes he committed and thus it

is a serial killer.

Type of Criminal offense

• Criminal offence: major offense punishable by simply fines

and more than one season in prision.

• Cannibal

• Tough

• Rape

• Necrophilia

• Dismemberment

• Dramon Killer

• Sex arrest

Types of evidence

• When he was

arrested a number of

body parts and

skulls had been found in

his apartment. The

police uncovered

that Dahmer

collects photographs of

the dismembered


First Victim-Steven Hicks

• Dahmer pick up 19 yr old

Steven Hicks as a hitchhiker


• Dalmer had taken him to his house

for a sex encounter.

• When the two were performed,

Hicks tried to leave, nevertheless

Dahmer desired him to remain,

so this individual struck him over the

brain with a barbell, killing



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jeffrey-dahmer. html




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