Contributions of Haulers towards the Pampanga Quarrying Industry’s Growth Research Paper

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Prof. Virginia C. Yap

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Garcia, John G.

Marin, Abigail M.

Tasic, Maricris Capital t.

Torrefiel, Neil Ivan G.

March 2010


This paper will not be finished without the aid and guidance of the subsequent: To our coach, Dr . Va C. Yap, for encouraging the research workers to go after this research and with patience guiding the researchers in producing a research paper of unparalleled excellence; To Engr. Rosalia Adonis of the Environment and Normal Resources Business office, to Mr. Nilo Quiambao of the office of Biyaya A Luluguran At Sisikapan Committee (BALAS), to the personnel of the Comarcal Treasurer's Office, to the Office from the Governor especially to Chief excutive Eddie To. Panlilio and also to all the staff of Pampanga Capitol who provided the researchers each of the necessary info used in completing the targets of this daily news; To the participants and to the Pampanga Vehicle Owners Association for helpful the demands of and entrusting info to the analysts; To the librarians of UPDEPP who allowed the experts to use the facilities of the library; To Professor Gerardo Duran also to Dr . Ernesto Adorio pertaining to also helping the experts; To the groups of the researchers, especially their parents, who also gave all of them unconditional take pleasure in and unwavering support throughout the completion of this study; To their friends particularly the BABEbhies pertaining to staying with the researchers throughout the good times plus the bad, as well as for being experts of the newspaper hence contributing to the improvement in the research, and; To the Work Providence from the Almighty Goodness.


This kind of paper focuses on the contribution of the haulers to the regarding the Pampanga quarrying sector. The quarrying industry consists of three essential players: pull operators, vibro-sand operators, and quarry haulers. The haulers transport goods of quarrying activities in the quarry sites to the market place. The quarrying industry provides indicators of growth specifically investment, revenue and employment. The increase widely used for pull products triggered the raises in the level of investment, revenue and employment. Thus, increases in these indications correspond to the expansion of the Pampanga quarrying sector.

The experts used a descriptive analysis design. The research focused on 51 respondents taken as a sample from the 189 total population of quarry haulers from the yr 2004 to 2008. These respondents had been selected utilizing a fishbowl sample. Findings show that hauling operations which in turn generate substantive amounts of revenue for the industry and the government is among the causes of regarding Pampanga quarrying industry. Nevertheless , hauling procedures also get negative effects for the environment as well as the community. The researchers advise regulations which will lessen the flaws from the hauling operations to improve the Pampanga quarrying industry. As well, the researchers recommend conceivable studies that will be conducted to keep and improve this exploration.

Table of Contents



Stand of Items

Chapter My spouse and i: Introduction

A. Background

B. Objectives

C. Scope and Limitations

D. Significance from the Study

Electronic. Definition of Conditions: Standard and Operational

Section II: Overview of Related Literature

A. Theories

B. Research

Foreign Research

Local Research

Chapter III: Conceptual Construction

Chapter 4: Methodology

A. Study Design and style

B. Collection and Description of Participants

C. Data Types and Sources

D. Description of Research Devices

E. Procedure for Data Gathering

F. Firm and Remedying of Data

Phase V: Presentation and Examination of Data

Section VI: Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

A. Summary

M. Conclusions

C. Recommendations



Part I


A. Background

In June 1991, Mt. Pinatubo, a...

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