Devloping Region Essay

This article discusses the various actions which in the event that adopted simply by Indian government can make India not only a produced country nevertheless a world very power. India has the potential of becoming a secret power & it can become and so if the pursuing fifty steps are taken by the American indian government.

India is a quickly developing country but as well it is facing lot of concerns both inside & outwardly & India can become a developed country & a new Super Electricity only if these types of problems are exterminated. Following are some of the ways which make India a developed region & a secret power –

1) By controlling rapidly increasing population

Swiftly increasing populace is the biggest menace which India is definitely facing currently as more than population is the root cause of all of the challenges like lower income, illiteracy, joblessness, pollution, offense etc . India is the second most filled country of the world after Cina & except if India will take some successful steps to verify population India can't be a super electricity as it is the largest hindrance in the progress of country.

2) By simply eradicating poverty

In India still lots of people live under the poverty collection & as long as there is low income in a region it aren't become a designed country. Thus Indian federal government must consider some critical steps to eradicate poverty through the country so as to make it a super power.

3) Simply by increasing literacy rate

Illiteracy also provides for a hindrance in the development of a rustic as a great illiterate person can't add in any way inside the progress of a country. Thus illiteracy ought to be eradicated in the country by giving free & compulsory education to children as well as to misleading adults.

4) Simply by checking joblessness

Unless issue of lack of employment is resolved by creating more employment opportunities for the people India can't become a very power since unemployment means lot of recruiting of the region remain beneath utilized or perhaps unutilized that could have been utilized for the improvement of the country.

5) By eliminating polluting of the environment

Pollution is additionally an obstacle in the improvement of a region whether the air, drinking water, noise or perhaps radioactive air pollution since polluting of the environment affects the competence associated with an individual through various types of illnesses like headache, substantial or low blood pressure, breathing difficulties etc . & an unsuitable person aren't contribute effectively to the progress of a nation.

6) By checking the crime charge

A relaxing country may progress far more than a country with a substantial crime charge. So , work should be of the American indian government to evaluate the criminal offense rate in the area by making some effective regulations & equally effective setup of those laws so as to make India an excellent power.

7) By adopting zero tolerance against corruption

Data corruption is also a big obstacle inside the development of a rustic as it terribly affects our economy of a country. Corruption can be rampant in India & India is put 87th inside the international corruption index. Therefore , unless problem is eliminated from India by adopting zero tolerance approach toward corruption & by making some effective regulations India can't become a super power.

8) By bringing back the black money stashed overseas

Thousands of crores of black money of India can be stashed abroad in the foreign banks simply by various important persons of India which is badly hampering the improvement of Indian economy. Until serious hard work is made by the Indian authorities to bring back that black money India can't become a developed country.

9) By becoming self sufficient in foodstuff grain development

A country cannot become a very power unless it becomes self satisfactory in the production of meals grains i. e. competent of feeding its human population through its produce & without any foreign aid. India hasn't come to to that level as yet. So to become a very power India must maximize its production of foodstuff grains that can only be made by bringing fresh & most current agricultural...


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