Essay about Attitude To Work

Attitude towards work and interpersonal relationships as aspect in job performance

Statement with the problem:

This study aims to determine the relationship of frame of mind towards operate and interpersonal relations to the job overall performance of the workers.

Specifically, this study tries to answer this questions: 1 . What is the profile of the Employees in Drug Maker Company with regards to the following personal circumstances? installment payments on your 1 Age group and Love-making

2 . two Civil Position

2 . three or more Educational Achievement

2 . some Years of Knowledge

installment payments on your Do frame of mind towards job and sociable relations impact job performance? 3. As to what extent the actual work attitudes affect the job performance? 4. To what level do the social relations affect the job overall performance? 5. What is the belief of the employees towards operate attitude and interpersonal connection? 6. Is there any significant relationship between attitudes toward work, interpersonal relations and job overall performance?



Personal Information

Identity: ________________________________________

Gender: MaleFemale

Era: 20 yrs. and listed below 41-50 years

21-30 years 51 and previously mentioned

31-40 years

City Status:




Educational Attainment:

High School Graduate student

College Graduate

Program: _______________________________________________

Season of Experience:

1-5 years

6-10 years

11-15 years

16-20 years

Other folks please identify: _____________________________________

Course: Please look into the appropriate answers to the item questions. Listed below are the symbols/letters use:


SD| Highly Disagree

D| Disagree

SA| Strongly Agree

A| Consent


A. Work Attitudes:

1 . Your current hob is interesting and tough. | | | | | installment payments on your The certification you possess work and strongly related the job. | | | | | 3. The skill sets required match the tasks to become performed and consistent with the job description. | | | | | 4. The efforts required by the job are commensurate to the pay out received. | | | | | 5. The responsibilities assumed in the work are well described and plainly delineated| | | | | six. The working condition (illumination, air flow, temperature and humidity, and so forth ) in the office is favorable to operate. | | | | | six. There is close supervision by office go to ensure effectiveness of functionality in the job assigned. | | | | | 8. You dislike your work and looking forward to a better employment elsewhere. | | | | | 9. The routine or daily task is usually dull, monotonous and tedious. | | | | | 10. You consider work as something organic and important in life. | | | | | 11. The task provides you a sense of responsibility in doing the duties. | | | | | doze. A feeling of satisfaction is obtained as a result of concluding the task (sense of achievement). | | | | | 13. The job gives opportunities pertaining to promotion it is in place as well as pay out increase based upon merits. | | | | | 14. The remuneration for the job location in just and position is merely and fair with the character of the function being carried out. | | | | | 12-15. The connection in the office among co-workers can be cordial and harmonious. | | | | | 16. The position itself becomes a means for personal growth and professional growth (self-actualization/Self-fulfillment). | | | | | 17. Work head staying very encouraging and tolerant enables you to feel confident inside the job. | | | | | 18. There have been opportunities for the right work which you overlooked by employed in the present system. | | | | | 19. In the present work, there is no possibility to improve and...

Links: Today we are up against the pre-eminent fact that, in the event that civilization is always to survive, we have to cultivate the science of human relationships (Roosevelt, 1945).


Blau 's (1964) social exchange theory is probably the influential conceptual paradigms pertaining to understanding place of work behaviours

Conversation styles

Supervision is a means of working with and through other folks to achieve organisational objectives within an efficient way (Lwehabura and Matovelo, 2000)


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