Essay with an Investigation Into the Language Used in Childrens Advertising

An Investigation into the Language employed in Children's Promoting











In my exploration I am going to review the language found in children's television set advertising looking specifically for whether the dialect used can be aimed primarily at the kids or their very own parents.


I have decided to look at the vocabulary used in children's advertising since I was interested in the way the language of advertising may be used to influence children and their parents and are specifically considering trying to evaluate this for females. I hope that I can also bring on my own early on experiences to aid me which includes of my own conclusions.

While i was 4 years old I desired the new ‘Baby Born' doll really terribly and retained asking my personal mum till I got it. When I would get it, My spouse and i played with it constantly and gradually misplaced the different components that came with her.

I remember clearly that whenever my tiny sister enjoyed her Barbie dolls when she was younger that she would how to use American feature when making the dolls speak. I was under no circumstances sure why she performed this but Used to do find it amusing.

I are aiming to find out whether language in marketing is manipulative, whether that reinforces traditional gender classes and if I believe that to be a great force or perhaps not.

The application of language in television marketing is affected by other factors such as whether voices utilized are that of a man, female or child. The studies I have browse indicate that voiceovers provided by men are far more effective pertaining to successful marketing than those by simply women. The 1979 research found that quite often set up product was seen as feminine, most woman targeted ad's used guys for the voice-overs and that where women voice-overs had been used they were only for girls products which in turn would seem to imply that the products didn't bring about the recommendation of a man. Studies located that people react better to guy voices than female sounds.

I have browse some research on children's' advertising and a book about advertising (see Bibliography) as well as the findings of the made me considering finding out if modern promoting supports the findings of these studies. ‘‘Children learn persona and behaviour patterns through the imitation of their own parents perceptions and behaviours and will get the patterns of behaviour more rapidly where there is usually an attractive unit whose actions is rewarded'' (Smith, 1994). As part of my personal work I actually am taking a look at whether my own adverts support traditional gender roles.


I will view advertisements on little one's television stations. The programs I am going to be watching are Nickelodeon and Computer chip Junior.

To handle my investigation I needed info and the only way for me to collect this was to watch children's' TV, record the advertisements, transcribe these people and then examine my conclusions. My transcriptions have been a part of my Appendix.

To make sure that my info and virtually any conclusions drawn from analysing it are valid I have used actual adverts and transcribed all of them carefully, but not made up any of my results. I must certainly not over generalise as it is easy to assume that the things i find by my transcriptions is true of most advertisements which is wrong as all adverts are different.

To analyse my data I am going to look at pragmatics and grammar. I might also help to make observations upon lexis and semantics.

I decided to review my data this way since I are looking at the language of marketing, i. e. the words and just how they are used and also just how it influences and this will assist me response my important question.

My personal data is organised simply by transcript and I am going to review each of my transcripts separately. I hope that this gives me common results which i can include during my conclusions.


Transcript one particular

|Syllables |Total number of words and phrases | |1...


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