Essay About Dubai City

Where I presently am having voiced loads about Mumbai, I'm currently liable to let you know guyz something concerning the vivid area that's DUBAI! As is wellknown, Dubai can be a traveler and consumer's heaven - it's a melting pot of most cultures while in the world, Its brimming with pristine shores (clear people too!), vast and lush landscapes, theme parks and some zoos and the worldis best hotels and resorts.

Dubai has developed immensely before a decade largely and I've noticed it increase in front of my eyes. In my experience, Dubai is just a modern version of Mumbai, complete with the crowds (which can be modern but dominantly Indian), the streets, etc.

As-is well known, Dubai is just a visitor and buyer's paradise - it's a meltingpot of nationalities inside the world, Its filled with pristine beaches (clear versions also!), sprawling and lush gardens, amusement parks and some zoos along with the world's greatest accommodations and hotels.